FHA Loans

Perfect for first time buyers.

FHA Loans

If a low down payment and flexible financing are at the top of your checklist, than an FHA loan may be perfect for you!

What are FHA Loans?

In everyday terms, the FHA program was created to put families into homes without stretching their finances.

In order to allow more flexible financing terms, borrowers are required to pay for mortgage insurance which protects the lender in the event the loan defaults.  There is an up-front premium (typically 1.75%) paid at the time of closing, and an annual premium which is escrowed and paid monthly.

At a Glance

Down payments as low as 3.5%

Gift funds are allowed towards the down payment

Closing costs can be optional

No income limit restrictions

Ready to Apply?

When to Find A Lender

It’s perfectly acceptable to talk to a lender before you pick a house or a Realtor. Finding a lender before searching for a house can actually help you narrow your search for a home.

How to Find A Lender

You can get everything online lenders promise from a local lender. An online application is a great place to start, but nothing beats a 15 minute to discuss your options.

Getting the Best Rate

A reputable lender can get you the best rate for your available credit. Remember, a low rate doesn't mean anything until your loan actually closes!

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We provide competitive rates and excellent service to homeowners and future homeowners in both Southern Kentucky and Northern Tennessee.

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